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Searchmetrics Summit: SEO Masterminds

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Date: 10 Nov 2022 14:00 UTC 10 Nov 2022 18:30 UTC
Venue: Searchmetrics Summit: SEO Masterminds Online
Searchmetrics Summit: SEO Masterminds

Searchmetrics Summit: SEO Masterminds | Online Sessions

Join us as leading experts from the SEO community step into the spotlight and discuss the future of organic search. Get hands-on expert advice and valuable industry insights at the Searchmetrics Summit and become a SEO mastermind.

This is our speaker line up

Kick Off

Luca Li Zercher | Searchmetrics
Najib Elkadi | Searchmetrics

Are you ready for the Searchmetrics Summit “SEO Masterminds”? Our moderators Luca, Senior Event Manager, and Najib, Account Executive, are looking forward to welcoming leading experts of the SEO industry live on the digital stage. Whether Enterprise SEO, Google Manipulation, International SEO or Dashboards, 6 exciting presentations are waiting for you!

The Current Search Landscape

Matt Colebourne | Searchmetrics

Fluctuating website traffic and reduced budgets – we live in challenging times. In his keynote at the Searchmetrics Summit “SEO Masterminds”, our CEO Matt Colebourne takes a look at the current state of the search landscape.

Drive demand and scale revenue with content

Matthis Janssen | Yoyaba

How to build and execute a content strategy that optimizes for revenue and creates long-term demand for your products.

Cheese, wine & whistles: Manipulating Google for fun and profit - with Elon Musk & Boris Johnson

Malte Landwehr | idealo

Ever wondered why Elon Musk and Boris Johnson say or do weird things?
• In at least 3 cases it was a ploy to manipulate Google Autocomplete suggestions and Google search results.
• Malte takes a look at their techniques and successes.

The Engineer’s Playbook to Enterprise SEO

Jordan Koene | Previsible SEO & Searchmetrics Advisor

Success at the enterprise level requires a deep technical knowledge of SEO and a product mindset. In this session, we will unpack the top five tactics engineers can use to leverage and implement SEO correctly. To scale your SEO operations, we’ll review critical skills like refining SEO tickets, mastering JavaScript discovery, and performing advanced AI and machine learning tactics.

International Competitor Analysis

Remi Stachowski | Dept Agency

SEO is not about building the best website in the world; it’s about outperforming the competition. In the business world, benchmarking is essential in order to be successful. It’s all about understanding the market and our users’ needs. But what if we’re entering a new market? A new target group. A foreign language. Unknown competitors. A market we can’t identify with.
– How can we define the potential of a new market?
– What data is hidden directly in the SERPs?
– Which tools can I use to reduce the complexity of the analysis?

Fireside chat: Enterprise SEO – Performance at large scale for global players

Kevin Indig | Growth Advisor
Malte Landwehr | idealo

Scalability, complex site architecture, siloed business units: Getting SEO right requires global enterprises to overcome challenges that go far beyond innovative SEO tactics. In this fireside chat, Kevin Indig and Malte Landwehr discuss processes, structures and KPIs that are essential to make enterprise SEO a success. 

Our Speakers

Luca & Najib | Hosts
Moderation: Najib Elkadi & Luca Li Zercher
Najib is an Account Executive at Searchmetrics. He has been in Online Marketing for a decade now and is passionate about helping companies to find solutions that drive revenue. Also, he still wonders if he will ever find a Falafel in Berlin as good as his Mom's recipe. Please drop your suggestions through his Linkedin. // Luca takes care of Searchmetric's online and offline events. Moderating the Summit is her first time in front of the camera, which is very exciting. If you are feeling the urge to speak publicly, she is the go to person. She likes clothes, shoes, knitting and working from the office when possible. Because she loves People.
Matt Colebourne
Matthew Colebourne
Matthew Colebourne is the CEO of Searchmetrics. He brings outstanding management ability as well as profound experiences from various senior leadership roles in the digital marketing area. Moreover, Matthew has an extensive track record of scaling technology businesses. Before joining Searchmetrics in January 2020, Matthew served as EMEA Managing Director at Innovid, which he joined from Trinity Mirror, one of the UK’s leading regional publishers. Beforehand, he was the European VP International for DoubleClick. He also managed the turnaround to profitability of paid search company, eSpotting, before its sale to FindWhat. Matthew is internationally minded and has worked in Europe, USA and Asia.
Matthis Janssen Yoyaba
Matthis Janssen
Matthis has been passionate about SEO ever since scaling his own lifestyle blog to 10.000 visitors a month and discovering ways to generate revenue from organic traffic sources. As shareholder and Head of Client Services at YOYABA, the leading B2B SaaS Growth Agency in the DACH Market, Matthis will be sharing unique SEO & Content strategy insights from over 35 B2B SaaS scale-ups.
Malte Landwehr
Malte Landwehr
Malte has done everything from building a network of affiliate sites and founding a multi-national agency to conducting social network research for the German goverment and automating social media accounts at scale. He is currently Head of SEO at idealo, one of the largest price comparison sites in Europe. The highlight of Malte’s career was finding and reporting a bug in the robots.txt on a Google domain.
Jordan Koene Headshot
Jordan Koene
Jordan Koene is an Advisor to Searchmetrics, supporting the thought leadership and innovation of the organization. Prior to his role as Advisor, Jordan was CEO of Searchmetrics Inc., and led the growth of the company which provides enterprises and agencies with solutions to search engine optimization (SEO).
Remi Stachowski Dept
Remi R. Stachowski
Remi is a Senior SEO Consultant at the global digital agency DEPT® and a freelance SEO consultant specializing in the internationalization of e-commerce companies. After finishing his M.Sc. in International Business Relations and M.Sc. in Business Administration, Remi started his career in the Berlin startup scene in 2012, focusing on SEO and business development. After a few years in an agency and in-house, he joined Trust Agents – now DEPT® in 2018. He speaks fluent Polish, German, English, and Spanish, basic French and Russian, and currently he is learning Mandarin. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of SEO and business internationalization, he specializes in strategic SEO consulting and the aspects of successful internationalization for German and international clients.
Kevin Indig
Kevin Indig
Kevin Indig is a strategic Growth Advisor, creator of the Growth Memo newsletter and host of the Tech Bound podcast. He ran SEO organizations for companies like Shopify, G2 and Atlassian, consulted for big brands like Ramp, Eventbrite, or Finder and is an active angel investor. Kevin believes is on a quest to accelerate technology that can solve impactful problems.

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