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The Core Web Vitals might be the most important change to Googles algorithm for the next coming years
Date: 03 Jun 2021 14:20 UTC 03 Jun 2021 14:50 UTC
Venue: Search Y Online

Core Web Vitals – Much More Than Just Some Google Metrics

The Core Web Vitals might be the most important change to Googles algorithm for the next coming years. With ever growing websites, bloat and sloppy development of websites, coming back to basics and building fast and user friendly websites will influence SEO! In Marcus session he will present the impact of websites with great and bad Core Web Vitals metrics and how much these values already influence search rankings. The audience will learn which metrics matter the most and see many examples of how the CWV can be improved.

Key Learnings:

  • The importance of the CWV update for your Website Visibility in detail
  • Find the right set of metrics to take action on Core Web Vitals
  • Tips and tricks for optimization for the short and long term.
Retourner aux sources et construire des sites internet qui chargent rapidement et facilitent le parcours utilisateur influenceront votre SEO. 

Marcus Tober expliquera comment 
s’y prendre avec les Core Web Vitals à Search Y. 

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Points principaux :

  • L’importance détaillée des CWV pour votre visibilité en ligne 
  • S’appuyer sur les bons indicateurs pour mener les bonnes actions  
  • Les astuces pour une optimisation à court et long terme 

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Our Speakers

Marcus Tober
Marcus Tober
Marcus is one of the pioneers who established SEO as a marketing discipline and the founder of Searchmetrics back in 2005. In his position now as Chief Evangelist, he is responsible for highlighting the ever-increasing importance of SEO and providing guidance how the discipline should develop in the future, both internally and externally. He has a cross-departmental strategic role: he advises on developments and trends in SEO and supports the product team in driving innovation in the Searchmetrics Suite. A self-proclaimed data and statistics geek, he is a frequent speaker at conferences and is often asked to comment on the latest trends in the industry.

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