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SMX Paris

Learn how to develop a winning SEO strategy in the midst of a constantly changing SERP. Searchmetrics’ VP of Strategy uses data to help companies understand how to chart success in a changing environment.
Date: 15 Mar 2022 10:30 UTC 15 Mar 2022 11:30 UTC
Venue: Etoile Saint-Honoré, 21-25, rue Balzac, Paris, France

Tom Wells, VP of Strategy, looks at the data and presents several strategies for managing the ever-changing world of organic search. 

Is SEO Dead? If Google dynamically optimizes the SERPs, how can we take charge?

Subtitle: A data-driven look at modern SEO and why it is still very much alive 

It’s increasingly difficult (some say impossible) for SEOs to optimize for a specific outcome. Google keeps chipping away at our options, dynamically rewriting title tags and populating different SERPs in desktop, mobile and discover feeds. 
How can we control our presence online? 

Top 4 Keylearnings

  • What to expect this year in SEO                                                                                                        
  • How to manage Google updates 
  • Strategies for establishing a SEO roadmap 
  • Tips for overcoming a shrinking SERP 

New Google Ranking Factor for Desktop SERPs

Here’s how Google’s February updates are impacting the SERPs. 

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Our Speakers

Tom Wells
Tom Wells
As VP Strategy, Tom Wells combines over a decade of industry experience with data-driven insights to help Searchmetrics blueprint its future success.

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