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Calculating ROI for Keyword Rankings

Understanding the business impact of improving your organic rankings is critical when determining where to prioritize your efforts.

This two-step guide will show you how to review the top 10 keywords for your domain and demonstrates how moving from position two to position one can significantly impact your revenue.
Learn how to calculate ROI for keyword rankings
2 steps:
  1. Understanding Where a Keyword Ranks
  2. ROI Calculation Example


Understanding where a Keyword Ranks

To understand what you are ranking for, you first need to know where you are ranking. By looking at your domain you can determine what your keywords are and the position they rank. But what is the ROI when you move from position two to position one?


ROI Calculation Example

Using a calculation with specific metrics like Combined Traffic Index Potential, Conversion Rate, and Average Order Value, you’ll be able to determine the ROI a positive position move will have on your bottom line.

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