How to Optimize Existing Content

The guided videos below show how you can start optimizing your existing content in 4 easy steps.
Learn how to optimize existing content in 4 steps:
  1. Identify high-potential content
  2. Discover content topics
  3. Expand upon existing content topics
  4. Optimize your content


Identifying High-Potential Content

Successful content optimization relies on prioritizing existing content that is most likely to provide significant impact as it increases in rank. Discover the content pages that are ripe for optimization based on current SERP position, the number of ranking keywords, and their opportunity for growth.


Discovering Content Topics

Each content page requires its own keyword strategy in order to effectively optimize – and therefore rank – for these relevant keywords. By starting with data-driven core topic selection we set ourselves up for better keyword research.


Content Topic Expansion

A little bit of keyword research provides a higher degree of confidence that your content optimization efforts will lead to visible results. Dive deeper into newly selected content topics to unearth the relevant keywords that should drive the optimization for each content page.


Content Optimization

The actual editing process is much simpler after using the analytical approach in the previous steps for prioritizing content and selecting topics and related keywords to focus on. Remember, the best SEO-optimized content not only incorporates your refined keyword strategy, but is also well-written for the reader.

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Cassandra Dell
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