Searchmetrics Ranking Factors: Infographic with all correlations

Searchmetrics Ranking Factors: Infographic with all correlations

This infographic is for everyone who would like all ranking factors and their rank correlations in one place. All 39 factors included here can also be found in the whitepaper.
Searchmetrics Infographic: Ranking Factors 2016

Ranking Factors 1O1 | Ranking Factors Infopraphic

The ranking factors are grouped into categories, and sorted by descending correlation: The factor with the highest positive correlation in each category is at the top – the factor with the lowest, possibly negative correlation is at the bottom. This infographic also includes a comparison with the correlations from 2015: Has the correlation risen, fallen, or remained constant? Or is it based on a new calculation?

As an explanation: A high correlation indicates large differences in terms of the given ranking factor amongst the analyzed URLs, when ordered from position 1 to 20. This is not to be confused with the ranking factor’s importance.

If this infographic has wet your appetite and you’d like to find out more about our ranking factors, then download the complete whitepaper for here.

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