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2019 SEO Year-End Review

2019 was quite the year for SEO!

After three major Google core algorithm updates, the rollout of BERT, YouTube takeover as #1 in search, and the utilization of Google’s, the landscape is continuously evolving towards achieving the ultimate user intent.

With the industry shifting so frequently, SEOs must stay in the loop with the latest information or risk losing SEO visibility and thus losing customers to competitors with superior SEO performance.

Join us as our in-house experts, Jordan Koene, CEO at Searchmetrics, and Sebastien Edgar, SEO Consulting Team Lead at Searchmetrics, breakdown what you need to know about SEO in 2019. We’ll discuss how to adjust to the changing landscape and analyze what trends have disrupted the industry.

Join us and learn:

  • What were the most important algorithm updates in 2019?
  • How did the SEO industry change in 2019?
  • Where is SEO going in 2020?

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