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Who’s on Top Online? 2021 US eCommerce Analysis

Gain a firm grasp of the online retail market through our 2021 eCommerce Analysis webinar.

Which eCommerce sites are best optimized for search? Our 2021 US eCommerce Analysis webinar reveals which domains in the apparel, furniture, electronic sectors and more are best positioned to catch consumers’ eye this shopping season.

Senior SEO Manager Kathy Brown and Senior Content Marketing Manager Patty Johnson discuss the revelations and take your questions on the findings.

Our Session Experts:

Kathy Brown
Kathy Brown
Kathy has over a decade of experience in Technical SEO, working with Large Enterprises, Growing B2Bs, and Global eCommerce brands to improve their online visibility. At Searchmetrics Kathy partners with our largest clients, working directly with Sr. Marketing and Product Managers to grow their revenue by increasing organic traffic.
Patty Johnson
Patty Johnson
Patty Johnson has 10 years of experience managing content marketing programs for agencies and corporate brands. As Searchmetrics' senior content marketing manager for the U.S. region, she oversees an expansive content program geared at educating digital marketers on the importance of search, ensuring long-time SEOs have access to the latest resources, and elevating the value of data from search to solve unique business needs.

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