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2022 Search Data Trends

Discover what trends will change the landscape of SEO this year.

Will 2022 be a year full of change in the SEO world? Will Google continue the rapid speed of updates or will they taper off? How impactful will Core Web Vitals be in the coming months?

Jordan Koene, SEO consultant and long-time advisor for Searchmetrics, joins our webinar series to answer these questions and more. Register and watch his SEO forecast for the coming year.

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Our Session Experts:

Jordan Koene Headshot
Jordan Koene
Jordan Koene is an Advisor to Searchmetrics, supporting the thought leadership and innovation of the organization. Prior to his role as Advisor, Jordan was CEO of Searchmetrics Inc., and led the growth of the company which provides enterprises and agencies with solutions to search engine optimization (SEO).

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