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5 Quick Wins for Holiday Page Optimization

As the holidays near, it’s time to polish your seasonal SEO and Content strategies to bring good cheer.

According to a recent study by BigCommerce, major brands found that solid SEO is one of the top three requirements in determining holiday sales success. Nearly 89% of the brands surveyed are counting on strong SEO and content offerings to boost revenue.

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With so much competition in the online world from Amazon and other giants, join the Searchmetrics online workshop: 5 Quick Wins for Holiday Page Optimization for advice and actionable insights on how to succeed.

Join the workshop so that you can learn how to:

  1. Leverage seasonal keyword and topic targeting
  2. Focus on proper link building with internal & backlink structure
  3. Create content that maps to the gift buyer’s journey based on user experience and template optimization
  4. Manage Ad’s through Facebook and Google Shopping
  5. Promote socially through the right networks for this holiday season
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 Date: October 24, 2017
 Speaker: Jasleen Kals

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