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SEO Report: 2020 Year-End Review

Do you know all the tips, tricks, and tools to succeed in the competitive industry of search engine ranking?

The pandemic has made 2020 an eventful year for all and SEO did not escape the impact.  

COVID-19 has played a pivotal role in the shifting industry. At the start of 2020, SEOs saw a huge focus on user intent as users were using Google to search for news, purchasing goods, and more. As the year progressed, we saw the announcement of Mobile-First and Core Web Vitals, new Schemas, and changes to the SERP. 

With all these changes, it’s now more important than ever to stay in the loop with the latest information or risk losing SEO visibility.  

Our industry experts Doug Bell, Chief Brand StrategistTyson Stockton, Vice President of Client Services and Account Management, and Jordan KoeneStrategic Advisor and SEO Strategist break down all the key events of 2020.  We’ll discuss how to adjust to the ever-changing landscape and what trends to focus on for strategic planning.  


  • What were the biggest industry changes in SEO in 2020? 
  • What was the industry impact and how did it adapt? 
  • Where is SEO going in 2021? 

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