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SEO Report: Q1 2020

Do you know all the tips, tricks, and tools to succeed in the competitive industry of search engine ranking?

Our first quarterly webinar is designed to help SEO’s navigate the ever-changing landscape by being in the know of Google’s latest algorithm updates, content strategies, user intent, and more!

In this webinar Kathy Brown, Senior SEO Manager at Searchmetrics and Tyson Stockton, Vice President of Client Services and Account Management at Searchmetrics, discuss the current state of SEO. They will evaluate and share their learnings of all the events in Q1 2020.

Join us on the following topics and learn:

  • Coronavirus – How has the pandemic affected your SEO performance?
  • Google Updates – What actions should you take?
  • Technical Corner – Google expands Structured Data feedback with Review Snippets
  • Industry and Trends: The rise of NoClick searches, how much does this impact you?
 Date: March 18, 2020
 Speaker: Kathy Brown, Tyson Stockton

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