A CMO’s Guide to SEO: The Myths, Pitfalls and Realities of SEO
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CMO’s Guide to SEO: Myths, Pitfalls and Realities

When applied correctly, SEO can be the most vital tool in your marketing mix.

Investing in a successful SEO strategy can set your company on a long-term path toward significant profit gains, increased online visibility, and higher marketing budgets.

Unfortunately, SEO can get a bad rap around its perceived ambiguity which can deter marketing leadership from making it a priority.

Join our panel of experts as we aim to remove the shroud of mystery that surrounds SEO and equip CMOs with the knowledge they need to begin ideating how to implement SEO into their marketing efforts.

  • Myths: Common misconceptions including SEO’s predictability and ability to measure ROI.
  • Pitfalls: Shortcuts to avoid, and the importance of balancing paid vs. organic traffic.
  • Realities: SEO is a long but rewarding game and creating exceptional content should be the core of your SEO strategy.
  • The Staying Power of SEO: Comparable to great branding strategies, once coveted online visibility is gained, it’s difficult to be supplanted.

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