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Winning “Position 0”: How to target and achieve Google Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are one of the best SEO “hacks” of 2018. Winning them instantly takes you all the way to the top of the organic results – which therefore is often called “Position 0”.

Watch the recording of the webinar here:

Winning “Position 0”: How to target and achieve Google Featured Snippets

This means that if Google sees your result to be the best solution to someone’s problem, you can instantly take over your competitors. Thus, winning Featured Snippets can significantly boost your traffic and brand awareness, as well as uplifting conversions.

Based on her research and successes on the Sixt rent a car domains, this webinar will teach you how you can find and target Featured Snippet opportunities, earn them for good, and maximize their performance.

Join us to learn all about:

  • Creating factual and well-structured answer content that serves the user’s needs
  • Identifying Featured Snippet keyword opportunities
  • Integrating question-relevant Structured Data
  • Enhancing your existing Snippets to maximize CTR
  • Tracking your generated Snippets
  • Successful case studies from the Sixt domains
 Date: August 21, 2018
 Speaker: Izzi Smith, Malte Landwehr

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