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Google Indexing Your Content is Optional – 2020 Edition

Learn in this Searchmetrics webinar with Marcus Tober & Bartosz Góralewicz how to quickly diagnose indexing issues within your website.

Watch the recording of the webinar now:

Imagine having a big brand website with over 50% of its content not indexed by Google after weeks? Now imagine that the issue causing this severe decline in online visibility was self-induced? In the new digital marketing landscape, big brands losing money this way is shockingly normal. Onely’s Bartosz Goralewicz and Searchmetrics’ Marcus Tober want to walk you through Google’s modern indexing landscape and make sure your brand’s website avoids the most common pitfalls.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why some of the biggest brands struggle with indexing their content in 2019
  • How to quickly diagnose indexing issues within your website and how to escape the vicious cycle of indexing problems.
  • How to avoid technical issues that affect the crawler budget and make sure your content is fully indexed.
 Date: December 5, 2019
 Speaker: Bartosz Góralewicz, Marcus Tober

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