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How to drive meaningful clicks with optimized SERPs

Watch the recording of the Searchmetrics webinar with Malte Landwehr and Izzi Smith from Sixt and learn how to effectively enrich your snippets now.

Watch the recording of the webinar now:

It’s no news that the Google SERPs are richer than ever; we’re competing with a myriad of space-consuming features that make our task of bringing users to our sites harder than ever. It’s crucial for your SEO success to work on providing enriched Search results that entice clicks, which is why our experts will be covering plenty of actionable and scalable tactics to achieve this; including building enriched snippets, stronger entities, and a more focused presence that brings the right kind of website visitors.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • A better understanding of why Search Engines provide so many features, with digging into Searcher intents; how Google aims to cater to those and how you can use that data to get inspiration for creating satisfying content
  • Plenty of fiery tips on how to effectively enrich your snippets in a way that not only brings more clicks, but more engaged and meaningful traffic.
  • How to find key opportunities for SERP enrichment, as well as identifying the right kind of queries to target.
聽Date: May 23, 2019
聽Speaker: Izzi Smith, Malte Landwehr

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