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Ranking Factors 2018 – Into the Niche and Beyond

In this webinar you will receive an introduction to niche ranking factors as well as recommendations & best practice examples from various industries.

Recording from 11.12.2018

Ranking factors have had some bad press lately and many in the industry are questioning their relevance to SEO in 2018.
Yet the fact remains: Google’s search results are still created by an algorithm so there must be ranking factors and it must be possible to use reverse engineering to gain insights into how the rankings are compiled.
At Searchmetrics, we believe that it is possible to identify ranking factors, but not using old methods, and not when analyzing search results in a generic, indiscriminate way. The latest study addresses the most common criticisms of ranking factor studies by taking a new approach to the analysis of trends in the Google search results.

What are ranking factors for niches and what can online marketers of all industries learn from them?

In this webinar, we will present:

  • An introduction to the topic of niche ranking factors
  • Recommendations and best-practice examples from a range of industries
  • A sneak preview of another illuminating approach to understanding Google rankings
  • Plus you’ll have ample opportunity to ask our speakers your questions about niche ranking factors and join in the discussion!
 Date: 11.12.2018
 Speaker: Marcus Tober, Stephen Bench-Capon

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