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The Balance Between Paid and SEO

Paid vs. SEO – it’s the question Digital Marketers are constantly grappling with. Where should my resources be focused? Which one will provide a better ROI? What can be applied quickly to produce immediate results?

On-Demand: Paid vs SEO

Tune in and learn about:

  • How brands can successfully optimize their organic content using paid channels
  • Why search is excellent for building the top of funnel awareness
  • How to find the right balance between paid vs. SEO to improve your marketing efforts

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Our panel of experts take a deep dive into what is better: SEO or Paid.

The truth is, a balanced approach between the two is critical to driving website traffic but there are nuances any marketing team must consider.

Understanding how, where, and when to apply paid vs. organic search strategies will allow you to create the optimal mix for your business – setting up your brand for long term success, profit gains, and increased online visibility.

Our experts evaluate both marketing strategies and provide useful tips for choosing the right combination and striking the perfect balance between paid and organic search optimizations.

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Date: August 6, 2020
Speaker: Doug Bell, Jordan Koene, Ben Shapiro

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