Searchmetrics Study: Baidu Ranking Factors Correlation Study

Study: SEO for China – How to Rank on Baidu, China’s Biggest Search Engine

Want to know exactly what matters to Baidu in terms of organic rankings? Download our exhaustive study that takes you step-by-step through all the considerations for SEOs working in the Chinese market (or who want to).

Download the Baidu Ranking Factors Correlation Study

  • Discover the similarities between SEO for Baidu and SEO for Google.
  • Find data-backed ranking-factor correlations.
  • Get advice on what to do to improve your chances of ranking on Page 1 of Baidu for your important keywords.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors by not only understanding SEO for Baidu but beating them to the market.

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SEO practitioners working on SEO for Baidu often use tactics and principles based on their experience with SEO for Google peppered with opinions and simply watching search engine results. This Baidu Ranking Factors Correlation Study is my contribution to filling some of those gaps in factual, SEO ranking factor data.
Marcus Pentzek
Marcus Pentzek

Chief SEO Consultant at Searchmetrics and Study Author 

Correlations vs Ranking Factors. 

In the Baidu Ranking Factors Correlation Study, not every datapoint ends up as an SEO recommendation to follow or identifies a definitive ranking factor. What it shows are the attributes associated with high quality websites that rank in the Top 10 Baidu search results. The study gives insights into the current state of Baidu Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). It might help to explain specific points, it also gives you guidance on what to do or try, but it is not a list of definitive ranking factors but is rather an analysis of ranking correlations.

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