Searchmetrics Study: Mobile Speed in 2018

Mobile Speed Study 2018

The analysis in this Searchmetrics whitepaper focuses on Site Speed Improvments & Accelerated Mobile Pages.

For marketers, 2018 is the year of mobile search, with Google launching its rollout of mobile-first indexing in March and confirming page speed’s influence as a mobile ranking factor from July. Online marketers will only remain successful if they understand mobile-specific features of search engine optimization. The analysis in this Searchmetrics whitepaper focuses on two such features, both of which are highly relevant in 2018:

Searchmetrics Study: Mobile Speed - Factors

The analysis in this study looks at mobile page speeds and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) across five industries: eCommerce, finance, health, media and travel. This provides insights on both a global level and on an industry basis.

Searchmetrics Study: Mobile Speed 2018 - AMP

Mobile Page Speeds and AMP

Google is continually pushing websites towards measures that will improve User Experience. With page speed playing such a central role in Google’s assessment of User Experience, Searchmetrics conducted an analysis of the relationship between page speed and Google Rankings. As implementing AMP is one way of ensuring that mobile pages load lightning fast and that users can view their desired content with minimal delay, the study includes an analysis of how widespread AMP is, including a detailed breakdown of its usage in different industries.

In this Searchmetrics whitepaper, you will learn:

  • How quickly top-ranking pages in the Google rankings load,
  • Where most value is to be gained from site speed optimization,
  • Which kinds of AMP optimization are most relevant in your industry.

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Data, trends and insights can be found in the study: “Mobile Speed 2018”.

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