Searchmetrics Ranking Factors 1O1

Ranking Factors 1O1

Searchmetrics 2018 Ranking Factors help companies win in an algorithm-based online economy by fighting data science with data science. We measure the historical against the new, and then add the insights in the form of tips and tricks to help marketers make sense of it all.

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Ranking Factors is so yesteryear. Searchmetrics Ranking Factors & Ranking Correlations reports are unlike others in that we don’t just benchmark things webmasters, online marketers and SEOs already know are important. We drill down past the surface to look for unique and actionable insights into specific industry categories.

As search engine algorithms from Google and others grow in complexity to accommodate new ways to search, including voice and geolocated-mobile, marketers increasingly need minute details on which factors will allow them to rank above competitors. Beginning in 2017, Searchmetrics began looking at industry-specific ranking factors and their attendant Universal Search components. Throughout 2018, the focus is narrowing even further to look at specific niches in industries. This approach, accomplished because we have a historical dataset second only to Google, allows companies to better understand the challenges and opportunities they need to create strategies that target the intent of the user – and register as standout content for search engines.

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