Searchmetrics Google Shopping Study 2019

Google Shopping Study 2019

Searchmetrics’ study, Google Shopping 2019, is the latest report into the state of competition around Google Shopping ads in the UK, Germany and France.

Google Shopping still faces criticism from the EU and comparison sites

After Google was hit by a 2.4 billion Euro fine, issued by the European Commission in 2017, Google Shopping ads were opened up to external competitors. However, the changes Google made haven’t satisfied their critics. In November 2019, the European Commissioner for Competition, Vestager, stated that Google’s changes had not led to more web traffic going to relevant competitors.

Google Shopping 2019 Ads

How has the competition for Google Shopping ads developed?

Traditional price and product comparison sites like idealo, PriceRunner and RedBrain, have an average market share across the UK, Germany and France of 13.8 percent. This is well below that enjoyed by marketing agencies specializing in Performance Display Advertising, who command a market share of 35.1 percent of shopping ads. All other ads come from Google, giving it an average market share in the three countries of 51.1 percent.

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Which comparison shopping providers appear in the shopping boxes?

This Searchmetrics analysis of Google Shopping in 2019 also shows which external market participants appear most frequently in the shopping ad boxes in three European markets: UK, Germany and France. Frequently, the marketing agencies are facing classic comparison portals.

Download the whitepaper and learn:

  • Who is purchasing the ads that appear in the Google Shopping boxes?
  • How has Google Shopping changed in 2019?
  • How is Amazon positioned?
  • What criticism is Google Shopping facing from the comparison portals and the EU?

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