The Future of Search 2022

Discover how marketing leaders are investing in organic search and PPC. In partnership with ClickZ, we surveyed senior marketing professionals to gauge their perceptions.

We asked digital marketing leaders about their behaviors and preferences surrounding search engine marketing. They provided insights on their current and future financial investments in both organic search engine optimization and pay-per-click Google ads.

Next, we interviewed a variety of marketing leaders to gauge their thoughts on the survey’s findings and how they plan to integrate organic search into their strategies in the coming years.

The result is an in-depth report that sheds light on how marketing leaders view the value of SEO and PPC to fuel their growth engines.

The study reveals:

  • How much are brands spending on search?
  • Are brands satisfied with PPC?
  • What metrics are most valued by marketing teams?
  • How many organizations use tools to track organic search and PPC performance?
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