Universal Search 2018: A Searchmetrics Whitepaper

Universal Search Study 2018

2018 sees Searchmetrics release a new study with data and insights into the world of Universal Search integrations. This year’s focus in on mobile.

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It’s a Mobile World After All

The days of Google’s search results pages consisting of 10 blue links have passed. Gone too are the days when Universal Search simply integrated results from Google’s other vertical search engines, like videos, maps and images.

Today, Universal Search is more diverse than ever. New, highly-specific integrations are constantly being added – to add precision to how Google serves the needs of the user, their location and their search intent.

Searchmetrucs Study: Universal Search 2016 - It is a mobile world

Universal Search for Online Marketers

Most online marketers have realized that website visitors are no longer to be gained exclusively via the “10 blue links”, but that integrations like videos, featured snippets, images also represent an invaluable source of organic traffic.

In this Searchmetrics whitepaper, you will learn:

  • How the search results pages on mobile and desktop differ from one another,
  • How often the most important Universal Search integrations appear in Google searches,
  • To what extent Universal Search integrations are taking first results page real estate from the classic organic links.

Download a free copy of the study.

You will find data, examples, trends and insights in our study: “Universal Search 2018: It’s a Mobile World After All”.

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