How We Craft Your
Individual Ranking Factors Report

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 How Does It Work?
Here’s The Scoop!

 Data collection for a single web page

We use Google Lighthouse, an open-source, automated tool, as a basis to check the performance and user friendliness of individual web pages via the browser.


Audit of your web page

Factors such as technical performance, accessibility and SEO performance are analyzed and compared.



Scoring metrics highlight page performance accompanied by general improvement suggestions.


Leveraging Google Lighthouse Data


Adding Searchmetrics Expertise For Actionable Insights

Adapting suggestions to your market

To reveal the factors that matter most in your market segment, we combine Google’s data with Searchmetrics ranking data. We take your specific keyword set into account and analyze at all top ranking domains in your market.


Thousands of web pages

Compare your online presence with thousands of others – automatically! We’ve developed the only solution that can scale this process for the global SEO market.


Individual ranking factors for your success

Optimize your website’s performance with prioritized and precise recommendations from our Searchmetrics Lighthouse report.

Overview of Ranking Factors
Based on Google Lighthouse

The analysis consists of factors from 5 categories:


First Contentful Paint, Speed Index, First Meaningul Paint, Time to First Byte, Time to Interactive, Number of Redirects, Bootup Time, Preload key requests, Uses inefficient cache policy, Total Byte Weight, Uses Offscreen Images, Render Blocking Resources, Unminified CSS, Unminified JavaScript, Serve Images in Next-Gen Formats, Optimized Images, Enable Text Compression, es Responsive Images, Efficient Dom Size

Progressive Web App (PWA):

Redirects to HTTPS, Has a valid Viewport, Content without JavaScript, Content Sized Correctly


Buttons have Accessible Names, Color Contrast, Every Form Element Has A Label, Links have Discernible Names, Lists are Well Structured, List Items are Well Structured

Best Practices:

On HTTPS, Errors in Console, Deprecations, Links are Unsafe, No Vulnerable Libraries, Uses HTTP2


Has Meta Description, Uses Legible Font Sizes, Descriptive Link Texts, Is Crawlable, Document Avoids Plugins


Further information:
…regarding Google Lighthouse and the respective audits is available at Google.