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Get insight for over 100 million domains across over 130 countries and generate a comprehensive overview of rankings, SEO and paid visibility, relevant competitors, keyword distribution and compare these metrics to our extensive historical database. With Essentials and Essentials Pro, you can:

  • Discover relevant keywords
  • Keep an eye on competitors and their activities
  • Find out which of your pages are most visible across social media
  • See who’s linking to you
  • Create link profiles quickly and easily
Searchmetrics Essentials Overview

Analyze and optimize entire websites

In a matter of seconds, Searchmetrics Essentials and Essentials Pro can show you the precise search engine efficiency of your website—and identify the potential for optimization. For any domain, across over 130 countries, you can generate a comprehensive overview of rankings, SEO visibility, paid visibility, relevant competitors, keyword distribution and much more, and compare those metrics to our extensive historical database.

Searchmetrics Essentials Keywords Discovery Screens

Discover new relevant keywords

With just a click, Essentials and Essentials Pro can help SEOs identify several hundred new keywords for a domain and you’ll immediately find the average search volume for those keywords.

Essentials and Essentials Pro helps you to detect trends in the making, such as which pages:

  • Most recently ranked high for a specific keyword?
  • Moved down in the rankings?
  • Are slowly moving upward?

With this insight you can fine-tune your SEO performance.

Searchmetrics Essentials Competition Screens

Keep an eye on the competitors

By comparing your domain with competitors, you can see immediately where you stand and where your competition may overtake you. In addition to visibility, rankings and position spread, Essentials and Essentials Pro displays Google AdWords keywords and ads with much more detail than you’ll find on Google.


Analyze social media activity

As social visibility continues to be an important ranking factor, Searchmetrics Essentials and Essentials Pro equips you to effectively exploit social channels. Not only can you view all shared links by channel, but you can also compare the social performance of your website with that of the competition. In addition, you can ensure that you’re represented on the most active channels and that your social media initiatives are channel specific.

Searchmetrics Essentials Backlinks

Optimize backlinks and internal links

Thanks to our unparalleled database of links, Essentials and Essentials Pro users benefit from a solid search foundation that can be refined with a multitude of filters to gauge the diversity of links.

Essentials and Essentials Pro also simplifies the process of improving your site’s backlink profile. You can make sure the right subpages are linked and that link text is descriptive and well written. You can also compare your backlink profile with competitor profiles.

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