3XE Search Conference

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Conference Date: 18th October 2018

Event Location: Croke Park, Dublin

3XE Search Conference introduces some of the best subject matter experts available in digital marketing. Presentations on “what’s possible“ in digital marketing through case studies and storytelling will take place, as well as workshops on “how to plan and implement“ digital marketing campaigns. Attendees can learn what’s happening in digital marketing from some of the movers and shakers of the industry.

Join Marcus Tober at 3XE Search Conference at 10am for his presentation on:Marcus Tober at the Searchmetrics Summit

“When they go big, we go better: A New Take on Understanding Google Rankings”

When Searchmetrics introduced its Ranking Factors studies, marketers gained key insights into what elements and strategies help them rank highest on Google. Those who heeded the data became big winners as they combined new understandings of the data with successful online strategies. Now it’s become cool for virtually every SEO company to have its own ranking factors studies.

In this presentation, Marcus Tober will show why marketers now require actionable data that uncovers what is really important for Google if they want to win dollars and eyeballs against industry giants such as Amazon and Apple.