Searchmetrics Launches Adobe Genesis Integration with Adobe SearchCenter+

Web Marketers Can Now View Adobe SiteCatalyst and Adobe SearchCenter+ Data with Searchmetrics Monitoring and Reporting, Allowing for Sophisticated Strategies that Optimize Expenditures

New York, NY – December 12, 2011:Searchmetrics, the world leader in search analytics software, today announces the general availability of the integration of its search analytics data with Adobe® Digital Marketing Suite products Adobe® SiteCatalyst®, actionable web analytics of online strategies, and Adobe® SearchCenter+, a paid search optimization solution. Now online marketers can use the integrated solution, automated using Adobe® Genesis™, to compare organic and paid performance metrics side by side, to realize bid optimization using organic rank scenarios, and to receive keyword recommendations based on organic search performance, saving PPC resources on an ongoing basis.

The integration of search analytics data by Searchmetrics, named “Adobe Best Technology Partner” for 2011 in EMEA, with the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite provides a coordinated view of organic and paid search holistically, on an international scale, from one underlying data set. Joint customers can benefit from enhanced control over SEO measurements and optimized identification of new opportunities for customer websites, based on Searchmetrics technology. Searchmetrics’ customers now will receive more precise website traffic and performance information from Adobe SiteCatalyst.

According to Pew Research, a coordinated effort of organic and paid search strategies can result into an increase in search performance of up to 25%, whereas poorly coordinated strategies can actually decrease performance by up to 95%.

“This integrated solution allows a more sophisticated and transparent strategy for balancing and optimizing paid and organic search strategies,” said Dr. Horst Joepen, CEO, Searchmetrics. “Those responsible for SEM budgets can look at metrics side by side, on one dashboard, do bid optimization using organic rank scenarios vs. competitors and calculate the best use of resources on an ongoing basis based on organic rankings, PPC conversion rates, Return on Investment (ROI), and other powerful metrics.”

Timo Salzsieder, CEO of TOMORROW FOCUS Technologies GmbH, which has been an Adobe partner and an elite partner of Searchmetrics, welcomes the release of the Searchmetrics integration with the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite.

“Both Adobe SiteCatalyst and the Searchmetrics Suite form the basis for our range of services in the area of web analytics and search engine optimization,” says Salzsieder. “This joint solution allows us to give our customers even deeper transparency over their search engine marketing budgets in the future.”

Existing Adobe Digital Marketing Suite customers can activate Searchmetrics easily via the Genesis wizard. For more information, please visit: for Adobe sales contacts by region or contact Searchmetrics sales.


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