Analyze web site performance in mobile phone and tablet searches with new Searchmetrics’ features

Over a quarter of search results on mobile phones are different to those on computers, study finds

New York, New York, July 8, 2013: New functionality in Searchmetrics’ search and social analytics software lets digital marketers analyze and track how their sites are performing in searches on mobile devices.  They can monitor search engine rankings and the corresponding traffic coming from searches on both mobile phones and tablets, as well as analyzing mobile search performance on these devices at a local, city level.

The new features, which are available in the Searchmetrics Suite, also allow users to research and analyze specific mobile keyword trends to help inform and plan mobile focused Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns.

A Searchmetrics study¹ has found that over 25% of search results on mobile phones are different to search results displayed on computers using the same keywords, while search results on tablets differ from those on computers in around 8% of cases.

“The way a site ranks in mobile searches is not the same as on traditional computers and the rise in mobile surfing and mobile shopping makes it essential to develop tailored, mobile focused SEO campaigns. The new features we’ve added to the Suite provide search performance data and insights by device type, making it possible to create and monitor targeted search strategies for mobile phones, tablets and computers,” said Marcus Tober, CTO and founder of Searchmetrics.

Another new update to the Searchmetrics Suite is the Outgoing links feature that helps search marketers analyze outbound links from their sites. It helps them ensure that web pages their sites are linking to are positive, and identifies links to spam pages which could negatively impact their sites’ search performance.

“The new outbound links feature lets you analyze all kinds of domains, sub-domains or URLs in order to locate positive links and find potential link partners or identify sources of risk so you can react accordingly,” said Tober.

Searchmetrics Suite is an enterprise level online software tool, which automates many aspects of SEO analysis, monitoring and reporting for agencies and in-house search marketers. It allows users to track SEO performance across all major search engines in 124 countries using clear KPIs, providing the ability to monitor keywords and sub-pages, evaluate links, and analyze and compare domains and identify competitor strategies.  The software also enables analysis and tracking of social media marketing campaigns on the key global social networks.


¹Searchmetrics studied the top 30 search results for 10,000 keywords and compared the differences in the results displayed on mobile phones, tablets and traditional computers.  The study was based on searches using several thousand keywords conducted on Google Germany.  June, 2013 The analysis included 25% high search volume keywords, 25% average search volume keywords and 50% low search volume (long tail) keywords). The rankings were analyzed on Android mobile phone devices and iOS tablet devices.

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