Searchmetrics expands with first
North American partner, Aristotle

San Mateo, March 21, 2017 – Searchmetrics, a global leader in enterprise SEO and online content development, announced today that Aristotle, a U.S.-based digital marketing agency, has joined the Searchmetrics partner program with a Ruby membership.

The Searchmetrics partner program has four levels ‒ Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald for national and multinational agencies, and the Global Partner level for worldwide agency networks. To become an authorized Ruby Partner, an agency must show they are proficient with the platform. This amounts to at least 3 employees demonstrating their expertise in using the Searchmetrics Suite via the Searchmetrics certification program. Aristotle, understanding that a well-learned team produces better results, has 5 team members certified. They completed four Yellow Belts, four Green Belts and one Sales Certification successfully.

“We are very happy that our historical and competitor data helps Aristotle to effectively fulfill their clients’ SEO growth efforts, and we are looking forward to accomplishing even more challenges together with our new Ruby Partner,” says Dagny Koch, VP Partner Development at Searchmetrics.

Aristotle cites Searchmetrics’ innovative solutions platform with keeping the agency on the cutting edge of search trends and optimization. As a member of the partner program, the agency will work with Searchmetrics to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction through the best possible qualification and certification under exclusive conditions in the Searchmetrics Academy
  • Exchange best practices amongst experts within the partner network
  • Expand existing customer relationships and acquire new customers through joint marketing activities


Aristotle specializes in the creative use of technology to deliver intelligent strategies, customized solutions and concrete results. To make this possible, the agency utilizes Searchmetrics’ historical data, which is based on the robust Searchmetrics Research Cloud and offers insights going back at least two years. That large global database was a deciding factor for joining the Searchmetrics partner program. Aristotle mainly uses the Searchmetrics Research Cloud for competitive analysis.

Another important factor for Aristotle is Searchmetrics’ Site Structure Optimization feature, which lets the agency identify, resolve and track clients’ technical SEO issues over time. “The Searchmetrics Suite has enabled us to expand our SEO offerings and improve our accountability for ongoing organic growth,” says Sarah Stashuk, director of Digital Media & SEO at Aristotle. Aristotle is also using Searchmetrics for content development strategies, campaign ideation and strategic business recommendations for its clients.

“Our clients repeatedly see game-changing results from our ongoing strategic insights, innovation, messaging and tactics,” says Marla Johnson, Aristotle CEO, Cofounder and Chief Strategist. “With Searchmetrics’ continual access to the latest big data and trends, we can be sure we are making smart decisions and developing the best results for our clients,” says Johnson.

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About Aristotle

Aristotle is a digital marketing and advertising agency with serious technology and trend-bending capabilities. Aristotle’s clients repeatedly see game-changing results from ongoing strategic insights, innovation, messaging and tactics. The company specializes in the space where digital technology, big data and the customer experience merge. As a result, Aristotle’s clients continually get increases in reach, market share and profitability.

Since 1995, Aristotle has worked with brands such as Elvis Presley Enterprises, Bob Marley, Muhammad Ali, Chili’s, Team San Jose, Utah Office of Tourism, Dove Chocolate, Disney and Kentucky Department of Tourism and Travel.

Aristotle is a Google Premier Partner and a Searchmetrics Ruby Partner with offices in Little Rock and Bentonville, Arkansas.

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