Behind the CHANGE OF SEARCH 2020!
temporarily postponed | Milan

Conference Date: temporarily postponed
Event Location: Copernico Milano Centrale | Room 413+417 | Via Copernico, 38 | 20124 Milan

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Come by and discuss your questions with our experts. We are very happy to welcome everyone who is interested in Search Engine Optimization, Online-Marketing and many more.

Join Alessandra Olianti on this occasion and don’t miss out on her presentation:

SEO Overview 2020
– How the Search has changed and how Google evolved.

1. How important is Search in our lives and how it evolved in the past 10 years
2. The most important SEO Trends 2020:
I. Zero Click search and Feature snippets
II. Voice Search and BERT: The use of natural language and the focus on User Intent
III. UX and Technical SEO (Structure Data and Java Script)

Alessandra Olianti,
Senior SEO Consultant

About Alessandra Olianti:
Alessandra Olianti is a Senior SEO Consultant in the Searchmetrics Digital Strategies Group. Before she joined the company she was working in the strategy team of C3, one of the largest content agency in Germany, where she has helped the clients to improve their online presence and visibility. Her focus is on strategy consulting and technical SEO.