Searchmetrics Content Experience Creates New Paradigm For Online Storytelling

Guided Creation and Optimization Helps Deliver Revenue-Producing Content

SAN MATEO, Calif. (Oct. 24) – Searchmetrics today expanded its pilot program for the world’s first agile content development platform, delivering a new paradigm for online marketers to produce content that resonates with audiences and drives predictable results.

The Searchmetrics Content Experience is pathfinding software that lets users create content optimized to stand atop search page rankings. Driven by deep learning and the latest in data science, the Searchmetrics Content Experience guides marketers through creating content that best matches what people are searching for online, helping deliver a more predictable path to revenue gains after publishing.

“For the first time, search engine optimization and content creation are coming together to give marketers the ultimate platform for creating content that connects with their online audiences,” said Marcus Tober, Searchmetrics’ founder and CTO. “We’re proud to be at the forefront of this new era of agile content development.”

Several dozen online marketers and nearly 100 writers are taking part in testing of the Searchmetrics Content Experience, with dozens more expressing interest in the product after September previews at Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio, and Dmexco in Cologne, Germany.

The Searchmetrics Content Experience helps content marketers easily understand SEO as they research topics, from global to hyper-local, and then create content that resonates with online audiences.

The Searchmetrics Content Experience features the unique Content Editor, a collaboration tool that delivers real-time guidance and feedback while writing on a specific topic. With an industry-best 250 billion data points to access, users instantly see what keywords and subtopics to optimize around a particular topic, as well as a snapshot of questions potential customers are already asking on the topic.

“To reach your audience, you need to truly understand them, with technology playing an increasingly crucial role. The best technologies are combining deep learning and data science so we can communicate more effectively with our audience,” said Joe Pulizzi, author and founder of the Content Marketing Institute. “I expect content driven by deep learning to become a new standard for content marketers as a result over time.”

Headquartered in Berlin, with offices in London, New York and San Mateo, Searchmetrics delivers data analytics and insights across 28 countries, including the U.S. and China, to help companies improve their positioning in search engine results and growth their digital presence. The Searchmetrics SEO Suite and new Content Experience create an unrivaled platform for businesses who want to build, maintain and grow their online presence through solid SEO practices and outstanding content development.