Live Session with DEPT Talks:
SEO Today and Beyond
23 June 2020

Date: 23 June 2020 | 5 pm
Location: YouTube Livestream

Experts reveal how current SEO Trends can be used in your favour.

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Searchmetrics Marketing Director, Lillian Haase, will join Google’s Developer Advocate, Martin Splitt and Simon Griesser, Head of SEO at Dept for this live session with Dept Talks.

In this short live talk, these three speakers will help businesses and SEOs navigate the current landscape with their insights and advice.

Join the talk to find out:

  • What Google recommends website operators pay attention to in order to remain visible and successful with Google in the future
  • How we can navigate the uncertainties that come with investing more resources into SEO
  • Alternative search engines SEOs need to pay attention to


When you register, you also have the chance to ask Google’s Developer Advocate, Martin Splitt any question you like beforehand.

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