eCommerce & Digital Marketing Conference | Greece

Conference Date: 26 May 2020
Event Location: The Met Hotel | 26 Oktober Str. 48 | 546 27 Thessaloniki | Greece

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Following the successful events of ECDM Expo Greece & SE Europe the last three years in Athens, the eCommerce & Digital Marketing conference aims to present best practices from successful eBusiness projects and all modern services and products to the public of Northern greece, ranging from e-shop infrastructure, digital advertising, online payments and products shipping.

Join Björn Darko on this occasion and don’t miss out on his presenation!

From Market to Insights to Strategy – How SEO & Content really impact businesses

Looking at Keywords does help SEOs & Content Marketers to figure out how to target a user to a landing page and defines how to create content for it. But using Keyword Data to define an entire market incl. Insights, Market Trends, Market Demand Structure & Share of Voice is very rare. This will also lead decision makers beyond SEO & Content Marketing to greater business decisions and applications.
In this talk, Björn Darko is going to show you how a „Market Insights Report“ can define your entire market & industry like you have never seen before. He will show you how to extract meaningful Insights from it in order to create effective strategies that will really impact your business.

200x200_bjoern_beth_2019Björn Darko,
Director Digital Strategies Group

Björn is Director Digital Strategies Group EMEA at Searchmetrics where he is leading the consulting unit, based in Berlin. Throughout his career, he has successfully developed SEO strategies for large companies, such as Ringier and the Ricardo Group – the largest e-commerce platform in Switzerland.