Online Workshop:
eCommerce Ranking Factors
What You Need to Know to Rank on Google

eCommerce Ranking Factors:
What You Need to Know to Rank on Google

As ranking factors differ for each industry, it’s not always the same factors that are the most important. For this reason, we have used our eCommerce keyword set to first evaluate all ranking factors that were part of the general benchmark analysis. Based on these results, we have identified the ten ranking factors that are the most important for the field of eCommerce.
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Presented by: Tyson Stockton, Professional Services Manager
Tyson Stockton is a Professional Services Manager at Searchmetrics, working with some of the largest clients specializing in e-commerce. Prior to working at Searchmetrics, Tyson spent over 6 years working in-house at Tennis-Warehouse and its sister brands (14 domains globally) overseeing the SEM and SEO efforts. During this time, he also spent more than a year in Germany working as Marketing Manager for the European business.