Online Workshop:
Evolving SEO: The Rise of User Intent and Relevance

Evolving SEO:
The Rise of User Intent and Relevance

“Evolution is an individual’s ability to compete, survive and reproduce.” – Charles Darwin

In the world of search engine optimization, one also must evolve, or die. SERP layouts, Ranking Factors and much more continue to evolve, challenging marketers to keep up. Don’t bet on natural selection to succeed. By gaining a fundamental understanding of some of the changes already underway, you’re more likely to be part of that survival of the fittest.

Join the workshop to learn:

  • 2016 SERP changes with Universal and Extended Search
  • Relevant Ranking Factor changes and its practical tips for page optimization
  • Why high ranking sites are shifting their focus from using keywords based on search queries to trying to understand the user’s intention



About the Speaker

Tyson Stockton, In-House SEO at Searchmetrics
Tyson Stockton is a Professional Services Manager at Searchmetrics, working with some of the largest clients specializing in e-commerce. Prior to working at Searchmetrics, Tyson spent over 6 years working in-house at Tennis-Warehouse and its sister brands (14 domains globally) overseeing the SEM and SEO efforts. During this time, he also spent more than a year in Germany working as Marketing Manager for the European business.