Friends of Search 2015

Friends of Search

Friends of Search 2015

Event Date: 19 February 2015

Event Location: Warehouse the Silent
Piet Heinkade 179
HC 1019

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Friends of Search – the Dutch conference – offers its attendees access to the latest developments in the world of search featuring an international speaker line-up. The conference attracts experienced online marketers with emphasis on SEO and SEA allowing the search community to stay at the forefront of the latest search engine marketing developments.

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Presentation Title: ‘Keywords are the Past – The Future of Search are Concepts, Entities & User-Centered Topics!’

Synopsis: 2013 and 2014 have been years of many changes within Google’s algorithms based on user behaviour and relevant content. A lot of these changes have been quality updates including huge impacts on unnatural link building, over-optimized sites and with Hummingbird and Panda 4, Google proved again that the Future of Search is not based on simple link building or optimizing a single landing page for a single keyword. Search engines have changed and reached another level of evaluating websites, because quality content – that is: content which is relevant and useful for the reader, based on natural language – does not derive from single keywords, but from concepts and topics.

The idea of concepts and topics is so different to what we learned and that is why the founder of Searchmetrics, Marcus Tober will show the evolution of search engines with current and historical data in this session. His analysis is unique, based on the huge Searchmetrics database and further includes Dutch data as well. As a result, the audience will learn the differences between the data of several countries and indexes. With the comprehensive findings gained in 2014 Marcus Tober will present valuable information on what the state-of-the-art in Search is and what not.

Speaking Slot Time & Location: 19th February 2015, 11:50am

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