Online Workshop:
Getting a Seat at the Table
How SEO’s Appeal to the C-Level

How can SEO’s appeal to the C-Level? When Paul met Alex, he discovered he had found one of the few SEO’s who have done things differently — instead of diverting to technical SEO arguments to justify his contribution, Alex engaged in an open ROI discussion with his management team. The SEO industry is full of brilliant people who have unique skills that are going to be increasingly needed. However, a very rare skill in the SEO industry is being able to articulate the value of SEO to the C-Level. Join Alex Alexakis, Owner of PixelChefs and Digital Marketing Manager at Westgate Resorts, and Paul Bongers, Director of Sales at Searchmetrics; for a “podcast” style discussion and learn how to leverage your SEO chops in order to influence top management.

Join us and learn how to articulate your messaging to the C-Level and how to back it up with data from real-life examples by Alex Alexakis, Owner of PixelChefs and Digital Marketing Manager at Westgate Resorts along with Paul Bongers, Director of Sales at Searchmetrics. Save your seat so that you can learn how to:

Communicate better across your business AND with clients
Translate SEO into ROI
Become the CMO’s go-to-person for marketing strategy
Get “a seat at the table” in your business

Alex Alexakis
Digital Marketing Manager — Westgate Resorts
Owner —  
Alex gives brands the survival skills they need to thrive in the wild wild web. His approach to digital marketing involves holistic SEO optimization, expert design recommendations without any of the “salesy sleaze” business owners have come to expect.
“Formulate your process through research, learning and planning. Build relationships that can help you leverage your content and website. Be agile, persistent and willing to change…then you can start measuring success. Remember, it’s the little details that make big things happen!” — Alex
Paul Bongers
Sales Leader, SEO Guru
Searchmetrics, Inc.
Paul is a B2B sales leader known for his energetic public speaking with passionate appeals for data-driven marketing and sales strategies based on search data. He heads up the New York office at Searchmetrics, the global leader in Search and Content Optimization software.
“In order to become or remain an intrinsic part of that marketing mix in a business, SEO’s will need to articulate how their activities have contributed to the business KPI’s.” — Paul