Happy Idiots – Inspirational Session

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Conference Date: 12th of March 2019
Event Location: Igluu Eindhoven

The Happy Ipartner-happy-idiots-logodiots Inspirational Session will give you the opportunity to gain insights into the updates that were implemented in the search engines at the end of 2018 and the shifts that will affect your online searchability in 2019. During this event you will receive an update about all changes, see cases from other companies and discover which tools are available to ensure your online presence.

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Björn Beth

Björn Darko,
Director Digital Strategies Group


SEO is dead, long live the platforms!

As the usage of Personal Assistants, Voice & Visual Search Technologies, Chatbots & Virtual Reality is on the rise, websites will lose more and more relevance for the user. A shift from Traffic on websites to traffic on platforms and devices will threaten especially businesses which are build on advertising, but also eCommerce & Lead Gen Platforms.In this presentation you will learn where we stand right now and what will come in the future.