IIH Nordic Becomes A
Searchmetrics Sapphire Partner

Leading agency for Denmark, Norway and Sweden deepens commitment to Searchmetrics

London, October 29, 2015 – Searchmetrics, the leader in search and content performance, has today announced that IIH Nordic, a Danish online marketing company, has become a Sapphire partner in the Searchmetrics partner program, deepening its relationship with Searchmetrics and making it one of the company’s most valuable agency partners in the region.

IIH Nordic first began using Searchmetrics in 2012 and has since significantly grown the number of client projects it supports using the data and analytics delivered by the Searchmetrics Suite Search and Content Performance Platform.

“We pride ourselves on our data-driven approach to everything we do for our clients, which means we place a high value on using insights from Searchmetrics to drive improvements in clients’ online marketing performance,” said Mikkel Lilholt Kristensen, SEO Specialist at IIH Nordic. “Being a key Searchmetrics partner in the Nordic region helps us stand out from others and shows our commitment to using the best technology and most accurate data.”

Searchmetrics’ extensive partner program deepens the relationship with agencies through structured commitments that foster sustainable growth for both parties. Partners benefit from in-depth support, joint marketing and training, including access to the Searchmetrics Academy and its comprehensive certification program. Working closely with Searchmetrics enables partners to streamline client deployment and accelerate time-to-revenue, helping grow their businesses.

Recently, four of IIH Nordic’s SEO team achieved Green and Yellow belts in the Searchmetrics, certification program, demonstrating their expertise in using Searchmetrics to support client objectives in search and content performance.

“With its analytical approach and commitment to data, IHH Nordic has rapidly grown into one of the most successful agencies in its region and an important Sapphire level partner for us,“ said Martin Scholz, VP of Business Development at Searchmetrics. “We’re looking forward to supporting the team at IIH Nordic to drive even greater success both for them and for Searchmetrics.”

Established in 2005, IIH Nordic provides data-driven online marketing services ranging from Search, Analytics, Online Strategy, Marketing Automation and Social Media to improve online business for its clients from around the world.

Kristensen feels that Searchmetrics helps the SEO team at IIH Nordic work efficiently because all their decisions are made on data:
“I love the fact that with the Searchmetrics Suite I can quickly access so much data. And the amount of time I can save because the data is so well integrated is amazing. I can get a general overview of a sector from the research section and then go directly to the project section and look at specific client traffic and conversions. The site optimization section provides detailed error warnings and notices on anything that might be wrong on a site at a URL level. While content optimization provides hints on how I can improve the content based on what other high ranking sites are doing well.”

Designed for both agencies and enterprise customers, the Searchmetrics Suite enables organizations to plan, execute, measure and report on their digital marketing strategies. Supported by a continually updated global database, Searchmetrics answers the key questions asked by SEO professionals and digital marketers. It delivers a wealth of forecasts, analytic insights and recommendations that boost visibility and engagement, and increase online revenue.

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