Searchmetrics to Integrate Search Analytics Data with Adobe SearchCenter+

Solution Will Integrate Web Analysis with Search Analytics, Using Single Data Set to Make Decisions across Paid and Organic Search

New York and London – May 19, 2011: Searchmetrics, the world leader in search analytics software, today announced it has joined the Adobe Genesis Partner Program. Searchmetrics’ solution will provide an important new dimension for Adobe SearchCenter+, a paid search optimization solution, by providing organic search data from around the world. Key benefits of the new integrated solution will include the ability to compare organic and paid performance metrics side by side, to realize bid optimization using organic rank scenarios, and to receive keyword recommendations based on organic search performance. The integration is currently in beta and is expected to be completed in Q3 of this year.

Searchmetrics is the first international Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solution to become part of this premier Partner Program, which brings together best-in-class marketing technology providers and leading marketing consulting companies. The addition of the Searchmetrics Suite data significantly will broaden the global organic search analytics capabilities of Adobe SearchCenter+, as it can track keywords in 90 search engine/country combinations in 28 countries worldwide. As a result of the integration, automated using Adobe Genesis, customers of the Adobe SearchCenter+ will benefit from enhanced control over their SEO measurements and optimized identification of new opportunities for customer websites, based on Searchmetrics technology. Searchmetrics’ customers will receive more accurate information about website traffic and conversion rates as enhanced by Adobe SearchCenter+ technology. The integration of organic search data from Searchmetrics into Adobe SearchCenter+ is expected to improve customers’ abilities to garner share of voice and total conversions from search by optimizing organic and paid search holistically from one underlying data set. Previously, other solutions have operated independently, providing a fragmented search view.

“We are delighted to become part of the elite Adobe Genesis Partner Program and to empower Adobe SearchCenter+ clients to gain access to additional search engine data, such as keyword rankings, search volumes and competitor data through our Searchmetrics Suite,” said Dr. Horst Joepen, CEO, Searchmetrics. “We also are pleased to enhance the offerings provided to Searchmetrics customers with more precise data about website traffic and rates of conversion as a result of the partnership. In contrast to other search analytics solutions, which only provide statistical estimates or information published by search engines, users of the Searchmetrics Suite now can calculate their return on investment in a clearer, more effective and precise way.”

Timo Salzsieder, CEO of TOMORROW FOCUS Technologies GmbH, which has been a partner of Omniture for several years and is an elite partner of Searchmetrics, welcomes the addition of Searchmetrics to the Adobe Genesis Partner Program. “Both the Adobe Online Marketing Suite and the Searchmetrics Suite form the basis for our range of services in the area of Web analytics and search engine optimization,” says Salzsieder. “Because both companies will be offering the combined solution, it will allow us to give our customers even deeper transparency over their search engine marketing budgets in the future.”

“Adobe Genesis continues to add valuable integrations with best-in-class technologies like Searchmetrics,” said John Mellor, vice president, strategy and business development, Omniture Business Unit, Adobe. “Our joint customers will benefit from a clearer picture of their search initiatives and where to take action to best boost traffic volume and revenue from search.”

Searchmetrics will demonstrate its integrated, flagship Searchmetrics Suite at Adobe Omniture Summit EMEA 2011, providing attendees with a free search performance analysis for their domains. The Suite is a SaaS-based solution that helps enterprise SEO professionals and third-party online marketing agencies gain unprecedented insight into their search marketing campaigns, allowing them to make better, smarter decisions about where to invest their budgets on SEO. The Searchmetrics team can be found in the vendor showcase area.  To learn more about the joint Adobe and Searchmetrics solution, please call 646-290-5268.


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