Keyword and Topic Research using the
Searchmetrics Suite™

Searchmetrics takes the guesswork out of prioritizing your keyword optimization efforts. We analyze keyword placement and offer actionable information

Deminar Details
Thursday, July 13, 2017
11:00 am EST | 2:00 pm PST

Join the Deminar so that you can learn how to:

  • Build a more complete keyword set
  • Categorize keywords into business categories
  • Identify keyword opportunities from competitor activity
  • Prioritize keywords more effectively with advanced filtering by quick wins, search volume, traffic index, etc.

Presented by Kirby Burke, In-House SEO, Searchmetrics
Kirby Burke is a Professional Services Manager at Searchmetrics, where he provides online strategies for enterprise companies to improve SEO visibility in the US and abroad. Kirby lives in the Silicon Valley and loves to travel, meet new people and experience different cultures.

“An SEO Manager is like a travel agent, taking people on journeys and introducing them to new experiences.” – Kirby