From Keywords to Stories
The Evolution of SEO and Content


Why impose the old form on the new?
From Keywords to Stories
A Look at the Evolution of SEO and Content

Workshop Details
Presentation followed by a lively Q&A session.

“Those who tell the stories rule society.”
— Plato, Classical Greek Philosopher
So who rules the internet? View on demand for an in-depth look at the evolution of SEO and Content and how you can transition your keyword strategy into a storytelling strategy by understanding user intent and topical relevance.

There are billions of searches and billions of stories on the internet. Relevant content that answers the search query and engages your visitors is more important now than ever.

During the workshop, Jasleen will take a look at which brands are “ruling” the internet, the strategies behind their content success, and how you can be an SEO-savvy content marketer in order to create the stories that rule online.

Jasleen Kals has a versatile background in enterprise level client management & retention, product marketing and digital content strategy. Her passion for content development through SEO insights has made her an integral part of the Searchmetrics Professional Services team. Jasleen is a veteran of the digital marketing industry, having worked with top e-commerce brands on strategic content initiatives.

“The power of content is unmatched and an undervalued customer acquisition tool. Let’s get on that, shall we?” — Jasleen