Join Searchmetrics and Marcus Tober at Napa Summit


Conference Date: March 30-31, 2017
Event Location: Charles Krug Winery  | 2800 Main St | Saint Helena, CA

Napa Summit is an exclusive event focused on inspiring & educating enterprise digital marketing professionals.

Join Marcus Tober, Founder & CTO of Searchmetrics, and other SEO and Content experts and enthusiasts for an incredible two-day journey in historic Napa Valley to network with iconic brands, learn from industry experts, and bring back actionable insights to your teams.

Be sure to register today for the opportunity to hear Marcus Tober’s recent thoughts on Data-Driven SEO and Content Relevance.

Session Information:
Day 2 | Friday, March 31, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

Why Data Needs to be the Foundation for SEO and Content Marketing

All online business activities, including marketing, have become massively technology-driven. Yet there seems to be one exception: In the area of content, outdated marketing approaches are still applied. Content relevance for target audiences and content performance on the web often still depend both on guesswork and “trial & error”. Even worse, “publish and forget” is still a reality for most content pieces today. Software and big data can help you avoid costly experiments with your content. Creating high performance content at the first attempt is possible – with data-driven information. This session will show you how it works and what it takes.