Searchmetrics Launches New Backlink Analysis in Open Beta Release

Building on the Success of Essentials SEO+SEM and Social Media Databases, Essentials Links Gives Online Marketers Unrivaled Competitive Data Advantage

New York, NY – Feb. 14, 2012: Searchmetrics, the world leader in search analytics software, today announced that its Searchmetrics Essentials online dashboard now includes a new Links module in open beta, adding to its successful SEO+SEM and Social modules. All Searchmetrics Essentials modules draw on the largest, fastest databases available today for SEO, paid search, keywords, universal search, social media, and backlinks, powered by Searchmetrics’ proprietary technology and data, and independent of any 3rd party data. The new tool gives global marketers instant access to the number and quality of a site’s backlinks, an analysis considered an important key to a site’s previous SEO strategies and current rankings.

The new Links module is available initially as an open beta launch, free for approximately three months to users who register. While the total number of links in the database will initially be limited to allow for performance testing during the beta, Searchmetrics says it has worked to develop a tool that will provide detailed insights about a domain’s backlinks, bringing brand new analysis to the market. Some of the key features of the new Links module software include the ability to:

  •    Identify new links
  •     Determine the ratio between image links and text links
  •     Identify IP addresses, TLD (Top Level Domain), geolocation information for links
  •     Analyze which industries backlinks come from, identify link strategies by industry of competitors
  •     Identify types of pages that links come from (e.g. blogs, news, forums, etc.)

The company has also introduced its own Searchmetrics Page Strength (SPS) measurement, similar to Google’s PageRank; SPS provides an immediate assessment of the strength of the backlinks pointing to a page using extensive Searchmetrics SEO data.

“With our own SPS Index which we update, optimize and maintain, we ensure that we can adapt to the needs of our users without relying on third party data,” explains Marcus Tober, CTO and founder of Searchmetrics, about the development of SPS. “Searchmetrics Essentials Links, like all Essentials tools, allows companies to use the freshest, deepest data available to understand their market, take advantage of opportunities and quickly take action,” continued Tober. “With the shutdown of several link analysis tools in November, marketers today are actively seeking a dependable link analysis solution. We are confident that Essentials Links will become a favorite for search marketers around the world and, with SEO+SEM and Social, provide a powerful toolkit in their digital marketing arsenal.”

Try the Links Module by registering for free here: People also can sample Links by accessing the new Searchmetrics dashboard for the Searchmetrics Essentials home page, which allows anyone to get an instant and complimentary summary snapshot of digital marketing data on millions of web sites.The Essentials dashboard covers the more than 75 million domains that Searchmetrics monitors in 15 countries. It includes key metrics relating to organic and paid search visibility, visibility on the main social networks and, now, backlink analysis. Try the new Essentials dashboard here:

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