Continuous Software Innovation Convinced Novicell to Join the Searchmetrics Partner Program

Berlin, December 20, 2016 – Searchmetrics, the leading global provider of an enterprise SEO and content marketing platform announced today that Novicell, an international digital agency, has joined the Searchmetrics partner program. The main reasons for the decision were the permanent innovation and development of the Searchmetrics Suite, and its excellent reputation in the SEO market.

The agency, which has offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Barcelona and London, is now a 4-star Ruby Partner, and will work with Searchmetrics to achieve the fundamental goals of the partner program:

  • Improve customer satisfaction through the best possible qualification and certification under exclusive conditions in the Searchmetrics Academy
  • Exchange best practices amongst experts within the partner network
  • Expand existing customer relationships and acquire new customers through joint marketing activities


Novicell’s mission is it to deliver well thought-out digital solutions based on solid experience and facts. The team of 160 marketing specialists, developers, strategists and designers aims to create results by combining strategic and technical skills, and offers Novicell’s customers expert advice on how to put their recommendations into practice. To get accurate, useful information about new and existing customers, Novicell needs fresh and reliable data – and the Searchmetrics Suite delivers precisely that.

Henrik Rivera Hansen, Head of Online Marketing, Novicell

“Our partnership has been perfect so far. We are getting all the help we ask for and we now have a larger and fresher set of data than ever before. The software has already helped us to acquire new customers, made it easier to keep track of existing customers and led to increased client satisfaction.”

Henrik Rivera Hansen, Head of Online Marketing, Novicell

The Searchmetrics partner program has four levels ‒ Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald for national and multinational agencies, and the Global Partner level for worldwide agency networks. To achieve a 4-star Ruby Partnership, it has been obligatory for at least three Novicell employees to demonstrate their expertise in using the Searchmetrics Suite via the Searchmetrics certification program. Another prerequisite is the successful completion of the additional sales certification for at least one employee. This sales certification helps the agency team to pitch successfully and efficiently, leading to new business acquisitions, as well as an increase in their lead conversion rates.

Novicell is now working with the Searchmetrics Suite and its ranking and performance data for new and existing customers. The software has made the pitching process much easier for their business development managers, and has provided the digital agency with a better view of their clients’ digital marketing performance. Also, the smart reporting feature has provided great added value for Novicell as it supports their daily work enormously and makes it easy to report success to their customers. “The Searchmetrics Suite is already paying off – we can see a positive effect on our business success as the platform enables us to be even more proactive and effective,” Henrik states.

Volker, Smid, CEO, Searchmetrics

“Our common interest in comprehensive and reliable Data, Value Creation for Clients and Innovation formed the basis for this new partnership and we are very happy to welcome Novicell as a Ruby Partner in our program.”

Volker Smid, CEO, Searchmetrics