From “Beer” to “Bavaria,” Detailed Analyses and Carefully Customized SEO Boost All International domains of Oktoberfest-beds.com

New York and Munich, September 20, 2010: Searchmetrics, the world leaders in search analytics software, today announced impressive search engine visibility results for client Oktoberfest-beds.com. On the heels of opening their U.S. headquarters office in New York City, Searchmetrics is announcing that its powerful analytics embedded in the Searchmetrics Suite and database of more than 16 million keywords has helped to catapult Oktoberfest-beds.com’s multilingual websites to top positions in global search engine rankings.

For 16 days every year, the Bavarian capital of Munich turns into a fairground, attracting more than six million people from all over the world. Attendees at this year’s event, the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest, need to find accommodations near the action and Oktoberfest-beds.com offers the solution: a comprehensive website where visitors find reasonable Oktoberfest packages for centrally located hostels and budget hotels.

“Particularly in 2010, the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest, event producers expect a big rush. That’s why the executives at Oktoberfest-beds.com turned to Searchmetrics in order to use our SEO software to help position them at the top of the search results of all internationally relevant search engines,” said Dr. Horst Joepen, CEO of Searchmetrics.

The Searchmetrics integrated SEO software covered all the bases – with keywords focusing on everything from “beer” to “Bavaria” and from “inexpensive” to “luxurious.”  Fresh air fanatics were offered places at the nearby camp sites and insider tips were delivered to all Oktoberfest fans on tight budgets. Included in the search results were links to free city tours, free Bavarian specialties – meals and drinks – at the “Munich Travel Bar,” as well as Oktoberfest paraphernalia.

“The in-depth search analytics provided by Searchmetrics Suite helped us to scrutinize the effectiveness of our domains. The results really showed us how SEO works and how we should change our particular focus to be successful with our search engine marketing,” says Alex Bründl, CEO of Oktoberfest-beds.com. “We then optimized our website, including steps like increasing external linking and choosing expressive and relevant keywords. The outcome has far surpassed our expectations: in an instant we established a successfully running international business. The new SEO strategy helped us to rocket up our revenues.”

Searchmetrics’ SEO solution was able to easily handle the five languages and multiple domains that Oktoberfest-beds.com has in order to reach the widest audience possible.  “Analyses of search engine results in 22 different countries deliver detailed information on recent trends. And with access to more than 16 million keywords and 42 million domains, Searchmetrics was able to guarantee outstanding results for our customer,” said Joepen.

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