Searchmetrics and Marcus Tober

Date: 22nd of JuneOMLIVE 2018
Where: via livestream | download the slides in the link below

OMLIVE presents inspiring and exceptional talks from Marcus Tober, Karl Gilis, Felix Beilharz, Bastian Grimm, Gero Wendeholm and Pam Neely. Get valuable insights about SEO, Conversions, UX, Copywriting and many more for free.
The entire event will be in English.

Marcus Tober

Don’t miss the session of Marcus Tober:

“How to be successful in content marketing – the data-driven way”

“Measure twice, cut once.” It’s an old saying warning people to not waste time and money. So what’s the magic performance indicator for content? Think “Measure continually, publish often.”

Searchmetrics founder and CTO Marcus Tober explains success for online marketers will depend on just how well they know the world of Content KPIs.


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