Searchmetrics partnership with agenda21

Top UK digital agency becomes the UK’s first to sign up to Searchmetrics’ Search Analytics Service to support its drive to manage Search Visibility for ‘Networked’ Digital Assets

London, January 26, 2011: Optimising and controlling the organic search visibility of images, video, audio files and other digital brand assets that increasingly ‘live’ both within and beyond a brands’ destination website is one of the main challenges that SEO marketers face today, according to UK top 20¹ independent digital media agency, agenda21 digital.

The agency, which runs organic search marketing programmes for leading brands including Epson, Investec and, is making use of a new search analytics software service from Searchmetrics to support it in this task of managing ‘networked’ digital brand assets.

Monique SLATER, Head of SEO at agenda21 explains: “A lot of digital content belonging to a brand resides on third party websites and social networks such as YouTube; the SEO agency’s job is to identify these assets and optimise them, while making sure they fall in line with clients’ overall search strategy.” She continues: “The Searchmetrics software that we’ve recently adopted monitors search performance for much of this content, by tracking the visibility of all assets displayed over time. For example, we can quickly see if visibility of clients’ images has dropped in the Google image index or if specific video content is suddenly spiking, taking action accordingly.”

agenda21 reviewed a number of different search analytics tools, but the Searchmetrics Suite was the only one to track full Universal Search results, coupled with delivering a comprehensive set of data and features to make the overall task of managing search engine optimisation analysis easier and less labour-intensive.

“By automatically pulling together a wide variety of data that is useful for SEO and making it available in a single place, Searchmetrics dramatically cuts the time it would otherwise have taken us to gather this information. We no longer have to go to lots of separate tools to get at the data and we can quickly generate easy-to-understand reports that can be shared with clients about the progress of their SEO campaigns,” said Slater.

Over time, agenda21 plans to integrate Searchmetrics with its own proprietary software, D-View which helps the agency to manage the reporting processes for its media campaigns. D-View automatically takes campaign data from a range of online and offline sources (search, adserver, site analytics, social media) and integrates it into one interface. Once there, it allows for more in-depth statistical analysis, together with external data such as weather patterns, offline media data and sales.

“Integrating D-View with Searchmetrics will allow our statistical analysts and planning teams to correlate and interpret SEO’s relationship with all the other digital marketing disciplines and channels – helping us to create progressive, integrated media strategies and reporting at a high level of accuracy and statistical confidence,” said Slater.

Nick SUCKLEY, Managing Partner, agenda 21 digital comments: “The tide has fully turned with clients in terms of digital data. More are demanding a clearer understanding of campaign performance with a greater accountability from their spend. This partnership with Searchmetrics further supports our intention to lead the industry through a forensic analysis of data, combined with clear and concise digital media strategy.”

Searchmetrics Suite product information

The Searchmetrics Suite software helps search marketers maximise campaign performance, automating many aspects of SEO analysis, monitoring and reporting. It lets them analyse and compare search data relating to multiple domains, including those of competitors, and presents information in graphical format making it easier to spot trends.

The software combines the different analysis tools and data that search marketers rely on. It includes back-link analysis, technical site structure analysis (including tracking elements such as site speed that affect SEO performance), keyword analysis and on-page keyword density, as well as keeping a cumulative history of how a brand’s web sites rank for its chosen keywords over time.

Data is presented in tables, charts, graphs and diagrams to let search experts quickly spot important trends or problems. In-depth reports can be automatically generated at the touch of a button.

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