Searchmetrics at Performance Marketing Insights 2016

Date: 04.07.16 at 10:15 – 11:00
Venue: Venue: Hotel Okura, Amsterdam

Performance Marketing Insights: Europe is the industry’s leading conference, packing actionable advice on a range of topics and thought-leadership content into an unrivalled agenda, with an abundance of opportunities to network in between. Please join Malte Landwehr, Product Marketing Manager at Searchmetrics, at his presentation: “Search for 2016 – Understanding and Mastering SEO on All Devices”.

Optimising your website for Google used to be about keywords and backlinks. Today, creating quality content and delivering a great user experience are the most challenging issues for site owners. In his session Malte Landwehr will highlight the events and technological innovations in 2016 carrying the largest impact on search marketing, giving attendees a blueprint for optimising their website for both humans and Google.

This walkthrough will cover everything from understanding key points of focus and mastering the Knowledge Graph to incorporating apps and AMP into a mobile SEO strategy.

Also Searchmetrics is nominated for the Performance Marketing Awards and is looking forward to the ceremony on 04.07.16.